"The people whom I work with, both co-workers at ArcBest Technologies and others throughout the corporate family, are capable, dedicated, and team-oriented." – Beth

Due in large part to the continuing support of ArcBest Technologies, ABF Freight® has a distinguished record of achievement. In September of 2012 ABF Freight was once again cited as an innovator in information technology by InformationWeek magazine, which lists ABF Freight among the InformationWeek 500. This marks the seventh consecutive year that ABF Freight has earned a place on the list. For 2012, ABF Freight was cited for developing a comprehensive financial forecasting tool that enables quarterly financial planning by company executives, using a series of key statistics to simplify expense projections and manage financial outcomes. Dave Cogswell, president of ArcBest Technologies offered this in response to ABF Freight receiving the award. "Ultimately, the system gives us the ability to better forecast the near-term future and to respond accordingly with resource allocations and capital investments, thus providing a better return answer for our shareholders and a better service answer for our customers,”

"The job comes with high expectations and responsibilities, but that gives you a greater sense of accomplishment when you complete a project." – Curt

InformationWeek has identified and honored the nation's most innovative users of information technology with its annual listing, and has tracked the technology, strategies, investments and administrative practices of America’s best-known companies. The list is unique among corporate rankings because it spotlights the power of innovation in business technology, rather than simply identifying the biggest spenders.

For several years the corporate direction at ArcBest Technologies has been to maximize the use of our internal intranet, expand e-Commerce/e-Business on the Internet, and further develop our Enterprise-Class Network. In addition, the growing capabilities of the Internet have been leveraged to provide ArcBest Technologies' customers with increasingly more online services and data access. As a result, our ABF Freight websites have been repeatedly recognized for their excellence and innovation. As new technologies emerge, ArcBest Technologies will continue to research and implement those technologies that serve to advance our strategic initiative.