Experienced Systems Analyst


ArcBest Technologies experienced Systems Analysts are involved with complete project work in all areas of business information processing and problem solving. This position is one that includes several titles, and they represent advancement of one or more levels up from the Systems Analyst position. The overall work is very similar to what a Systems Analyst would do, but the tasks would typically involve larger projects and more responsibility.

Please refer to the Systems Analyst job description for a general overview of typical software developer responsibilities at ArcBest Technologies.

Systems Analyst Resource Pool (SARP)

The experienced Systems Analyst would typically not be assigned to the Systems Analyst Resource Pool.


The experienced Systems Analyst positions require a minimum of a B.S. or B.A. degree with superior academic achievement, a strong interest in computer information systems or computer science, and a proficient understanding of application design and programming. They also typically require at least three years of relevant industry experience in software development and significant project management experience. Other qualifications include sound analytical, organizational, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills. Demonstrated leadership skills are also highly valued.


Training for a newly hired experienced Systems Analyst is typically customized to fit the needs of each individual. There are a variety of in-house classes offered, which they would take on an as-needed basis. These would be designed to fill in gaps in their background with regard to the skillset needed here at ArcBest Technologies.


Experienced Systems Analysts may start at one of several titles, depending upon their background and experience. The first level above Systems Analyst is Business Analyst. The next levels are Project Analyst, Account Analyst, Senior Account Analyst, and Application Architect. Each position brings more responsibility, challenge and significant project leadership.

Opportunities for supervision and administration will arise for those whose goals are oriented toward management. The Account Coordinator position is the first level of personnel management. Responsibilities include increased formalized authority in a particular area, customer support coordination, major project leadership, special technical problem research, education, standards, and administrative tasks. The next level is Manager of IS. Responsibilities include direct management of systems analysis personnel and broad authority over all IT processing that supports a major customer-base segment.

For those whose goals are more technically oriented, opportunities will arise to move into the Systems Programmer career path. For those whose goals are more human resources oriented, opportunities will arise to become a member of the training staff. Because of ArcBest Corporation's diversified line of business interests, there are also occasional opportunities for advancement into other subsidiaries.

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