Internship Overview

"Definitely one of the best summers I've had. I was able to do work that I can be proud of, and I had a great time doing it." Kaitlyn

ArcBest Technologies provides a unique summer internship experience for qualifying students. The 10-12 week program begins in mid-May and ends in early August. It is filled with extensive technical training along with learning a business environment required for developing software applications for ArcBest and ABF Freight. Each intern is assigned to a 2-4 person team which will develop software applications for the corporation.

The first two weeks of the program include intense technical training in a .NET programming language along with the specific ArcBest Technologies development environment. The last two days of training includes developing an application that the entire Intern class works on. The class project helps to provide a better understanding of all the aspects of the training. It is typically installed and utilized by the corporation within a couple of weeks after training. Following training, each intern immediately begins working on a specific project for their assigned team. As the summer progresses, the Intern will gain valuable knowledge concerning business requirements, UI standards, and application development. The goal for each project assignment is to target installation by the end of the summer. This provides the corporation with new application tools and allows the student to gain valuable on-the-job training. This approach also provides the student with experience of the full life cycle of an application from design to installation.

"The internship at ArcBest Technologies has taught me a lot about the computer science field, and how to succeed in it." Darrick

Along with developing real-life software, the student is introduced to the everyday ArcBest Technologies working environment by attending job shadows and business overviews during the first half of the summer. The job shadows are with ArcBest Technologies developers and include exposure to team meetings, end-user meetings, design meetings, and handling of production issues. The business overviews are presented by ArcBest Technologies Management to allow the students to gain a better knowledge of ArcBest Technologies as a company.

Also during the summer, there are social events planned that provide the interns with opportunities to get to know Fort Smith and fellow ArcBest Technologies employees better outside of work. These have included bowling and pool parties in the past.

Some of the most valuable feedback received about this program is the knowledge the student gains concerning programming and working in a corporate environment.