Systems Analyst


ArcBest Technologies Systems Analysts are involved with complete project work in all areas of business information processing and problem solving. From the beginning, our analysts are involved with projects that have an impact on the success of ABF FreightSM and ArcBest CorporationSM. This includes significant contact with clients and management, systems analysis and design, programming, implementation, and user orientation to a system.

ArcBest Technologies provides a full range of information technology services to different clients within ArcBest Corporation and its subsidiaries, whose needs vary. A wide spectrum of opportunities is available in the form of Internet, client/server, personal computer, mobile, and mainframe online and batch applications.

Because of the diverse needs of the business units, the Systems Analyst is exposed to a broad set of challenging assignments. As the businesses of clients evolve, ArcBest Technologies' services also evolve. This enables the Systems Analyst to participate in the continual adaptation and design of new applications to meet the demand for new services to be offered by the business units.

Systems Analyst Resource Pool (SARP)

The initial assignment for most new Systems Analysts will be to the Systems Analyst Resource Pool, nicknamed the SARP. A new Analyst will typically be assigned to this group for their initial year or two with ArcBest Technologies. While in this group, they will be assigned to a diverse set of areas and working on a variety of projects. This will give them the opportunity to learn about many of the support areas at ArcBest Technologies and help them to sharpen their programming skills.

At the point they are ready to migrate out of the SARP, they will be placed in a specific support area and begin developing more detailed knowledge about that area, including the customers, systems, and peer technical support team. They will then be able to take more responsibility for projects than when in the SARP, including user definition discussions, system design, and project leadership. Responsibility on a project is typically from start to finish, resulting in exposure to upper management within ArcBest Corporation and its subsidiaries.


The Systems Analyst position requires a minimum of a B.S. or B.A. degree with superior academic achievement, a strong interest in computer information systems or computer science, and a proficient understanding of application design and programming. Computer-related course work or work experience is an important requirement as well. Other qualifications include sound analytical, organizational, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills.


The Systems Analyst position is a challenging and exciting role within ArcBest Technologies. Our new analysts are immersed in a comprehensive and thorough training program. The goal of the training program is to provide the knowledge necessary to be successful as Systems Analysts. Training is a team effort that involves a full-time training staff, other Systems Analysts, and Systems Programmers.

New Systems Analysts are typically placed in the SARP (discussed earlier) and the core focus of the training is on .NET programming, utilizing both VB and C#. There are four key aspects to this training.

First, each Analyst will be assigned a more senior mentor from the SARP group, who will provide the new analyst guidance and direction on any projects assigned. Second, the new analyst attends a series of courses taught by either our in-house training staff or other Analysts who have expertise in the topic being taught. The classes include a significant amount of hands-on project development, and succeed in imparting the information in a fun and effective manner. There are also classes that give the new employee an opportunity to learn about other aspects of the company and about the broader technical environment in which we work. Third, the new analyst will be assigned a variety of projects. Smaller in size initially, these projects will address business problems within the scope or nature of the new analyst's skills. The projects assigned and the information provided through the curriculum are closely tied together, allowing the employee to immediately apply what they have learned in class. Finally, individual training is available through self-study material and computer-based training.

Opportunities for supervision and administration will arise for those whose goals are oriented toward management. The Account Coordinator position is the first level of personnel management. Responsibilities include increased formalized authority in a particular area, customer support coordination, major project leadership, special technical problem research, education, standards, and administrative tasks. The next level is Manager of IS. Responsibilities include direct management of systems analysis personnel and broad authority over all IT processing that supports a major customer-base segment.

For those whose goals are more technically oriented, opportunities will arise to move into the Systems Programmer career path. For those whose goals are more human resources oriented, opportunities will arise to become a member of the training staff. Because of ArcBest Corporation's diversified line of business interests, there are also occasional opportunities for advancement into other subsidiaries.

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