Technical Analyst


As members of the Technical Services department at ArcBest Technologies, Technical Analysts provide technical support of ArcBest Technologies computer equipment and related software to the Information Center, Operations, and Information Services departments. It is their responsibility to ensure the integrity, performance, and efficiency of all available data processing resources, whether hardware, ArcBest Technologies-developed software, or purchased software. While focusing to a greater degree on the technical infrastructure, Technical Analysts are also involved in projects that have a serious impact on the success of ABF Freight and ArcBest. This includes significant contact with clients and management, product evaluations and selections, and vendor interactions. Additional responsibilities include systems analysis and design, programming, and implementation of various support systems.

A wide spectrum of opportunities is available in the form of client/server systems, database systems, network systems, systems management, transaction systems, and mainframe systems. ArcBest Technologies provides a full range of information technology services to different clients within ArcBest Corporation and its subsidiaries.


The Technical Analyst position requires a minimum of a B.S. or B.A. degree with superior academic achievement, a strong interest in computer information systems or computer science, and a proficient understanding of systems design. Computer-related certifications, course work, or work experience is an important requirement as well. Other qualifications include sound analytical, organizational, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills.


Following the position of Technical Analyst is Senior Technical Analyst. This promotion recognizes accomplishment in ArcBest Technologies' project-oriented environment and provides increased responsibility. The next levels are Technical Consultant and Senior Technical Consultant. These positions bring even more challenge and significant project leadership.

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