The technical infrastructure at ArcBest Technologies consists of a wide variety of programming environments and operating systems. Operating system environments include Windows and Windows Server on Intel-based platforms; z/OS running on IBM z-architecture with CICS, DB2, and a major batch workload; and Linux dedicated servers. PC applications are developed primarily in Visual Basic and C# using Microsoft’s .NET framework. We also have applications written in Classic ASP, utilizing VBScript and JavaScript. Various supporting technologies are also utilized as needed including jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, XML, and others. We utilize OLAP, ASP, client/server, and standalone PC applications. A wide variety of PC software is used for web development, word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, and presentations. Mainframe development is done using IBM COBOL, and MVS JCL using mainframe methods and tools under SuperSession/TSO/ISPF and CICS.

As new technologies emerge, ArcBest Technologies continues to research and implement those technologies that serve to advance our strategic initiative.