Our Environment

"ArcBest Technologies provides a very active, friendly work atmosphere."

Employees describe the ArcBest Technologies work environment as relaxed, professional, and team-oriented. Every employee focuses on the goals of the company. If one needs to get an answer to a question or bounce an idea off someone, there is always a colleague willing to help.

Our company provides all of the benefits of a large company, but it is small enough that you won't get lost in the crowd. Employees feel like part of a family. All employees, from entry-level personnel to upper management, address each other on a first name basis. Management is a big believer in the "promotion-from-within" principle and in keeping the lines of communication open to all of their employees. Employees enjoy a high degree of job security. An effort to increase staff size has occurred almost every year since the early 1970s, and the company's historically low turnover rate best describes employee satisfaction with their jobs.

"The flexible work hours allowed by ArcBest Technologies let me make the most out of my time away from work, while the relaxed environment and exciting projects I get to work on make the time spent at work enjoyable."

ArcBest Technologies believes in doing quality work, but we also understand that there are important concerns outside the office. There is a true spirit of community inherent in the ArcBest Technologies' employees. Many involve themselves in civic, charitable, church, and school organizations.

Full-time positions are typically 40 hours per week Monday through Friday. The typical shift is eight to five, but staggered shifts are available if approved by an employee's supervisor. In addition, a flex-time program is available to Systems Analysts and Information Specialists who have completed the initial training process. This allows flexibility in their normally scheduled work hours. Travel requirements are minimal. ArcBest Technologies provides a comfortable and productive work environment.