Programmer/Analyst (Summer Intern)


At ArcBest Technologies, we have an internship experience that provides our interns both training and involvement in projects important to the corporation. Best of all, we provide an internship students can use to jump-start their information technology career. This is most commonly offered as a summer internship, but may be available as a fall or spring semester program.

The title of our intern position is Programmer/Analyst. The responsibilities are similar to the full-time Software Developer. Our interns are involved in all phases of the systems development life cycle. Although the focus is oriented towards the development phase, interns are exposed to complete project work in all areas of business information processing and problem solving.

For more information about the overall internship program, please see Internships.


The intern position requires an individual be in the process of obtaining a B.S. or B.A. degree with a computer-related major or minor. Because of the advanced nature of the position, we prefer our interns to be within three semesters of receiving this degree. Other qualifications include strong analytical, organizational, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills. A solid understanding of object-oriented programming is desirable, as well as significant hands-on programming experience. Prior work experience that included programming is also very helpful, and can greatly supplement programming exposure gained through classroom work.


Our interns consistently tell us the training we provide significantly contributes to the success of their internship experience. Not only has it helped them over the summer but also once they returned to school.

Each intern is assigned to a trainer highly knowledgeable in the business and the applications that support the business. The trainer provides the intern guidance and direction on any projects assigned. The intern attends a subset of classes that the full-time Software Developers attend. The design of this curriculum models the environment at ArcBest Technologies and is tailored towards what the intern will be doing throughout their internship. In addition, individual training is available through self-study material and computer-based training.

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